Moon Astrology for July 19-25, 2020 – New Moon Waxing

This is the best week in the month for completing top priority items. Also next Monday 7/20 and Tuesday 7/21.

* Times listed are Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET.

JUL 19 – SUN

Cancer Water Wane

LQ+7. Keep to normal. Prepare for busy week ahead. Bright ideas evening. End early or risk Jupiter doubts. Vision tone of next cycle.

JUL 20 – MON

Cancer New Moon

Void 11a to LEO 2p

Early is nice. Start 2p for HI tasks. Kicker is Saturn low mood all day. OK to wait for it to pass. Better days ahead.

JUL 21 – TUE

Leo  Fire  Wax Void 5p

NM+1. HI with support from Mars, much better today. Mellow Venus in PM. Good day to find positive aspiration or tone. Relax tonight.

JUL 22 – WED

Void Moon to Virgo 5p

NM+2. Work recurring tasks, chores. Careful with new ideas during void of course. Wait. Worry is wishing for what you don’t want.

JUL 23 – THU

Virgo  Earth  Waxing

NM+3. AM now trust the bright ideas, lively contacts. Enjoy the change of pace. Moody square Venus no parties tonight. Self-care.

JUL 24 – FRI

Virgo, Void to Libra 7p

NM+4. Morning flare clears the air. Done. Work hard at tasks to 3p but low moods around. Break 4p-7p. Peace returns in evening. Let it be.

JUL 25 – SAT

Libra  Air  Waxing

NM+5. Normal Saturday but wait on biggest concerns. Research but no decisions. Quit by 4p. Evening poor for contacts, irritable tempers.

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