Moon Astrology for June 14 – 20, 2020 – Wane Moon

Tuesday 6/16 and Wednesday 6/17 are the two best days for important tasks this week. The Taurus Earth moon favors the practical details of a task.

But there’s a caution for Mercury turning retrograde on Wednesday evening 10p PT for several weeks to review with a different rhythm than charging ahead and pay attention to the details.

* Times listed are Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET.

JUN 14 – SUN

Aries Fire Wane

LQ+2. Take day off. Guard against Pluto trouble with trust in a higher road. Take care. No social in evening. Downtime is required.

JUN 15 – MON

Aries Fire Wane Void 5p

LQ+3. Lie low and wait. Bright spot 3p-5p if you need to do it. It’s push and pull time with old and new. Let it be. Have a quiet night.

JUN 16 – TUE

Taurus Earth Wane

LQ+4. Schedule prime appts today. HI and GO. Worth the wait. May feel worn out from recent days. Balance work/rest. Evening surprise.

JUN 17 – WED

Taurus Earth Wane

LQ+5. HI day but caution Merc Retro! Delay new item. Good to play hooky. Believe an answer exists so you recognize it when arrives.

JUN 18 – THU

Void to Gemini Air 2p 

LQ+6. Let Mercury settle. Start day at 2p with normal practical duties. Hard work in afternoon. Focus on positive, the more it magnifies.

JUN 19 – FRI

Gemini Air Wane

LQ+7. Make friends with Merc Retro. Revise, improve, fix glitches, pay attention. Hope of the New Moon is here. What is it you want?

JUN 20 – SAT

New Moon Cancer

NM. Delay new actions. Stick to normal routine. Caution for quarrels Mars after 12p. VOC after 2p. Note feelings and urges.

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