Aquarius New Moon – Lunar Hair Astrology

Jan 23-29, 2020, Lunar Hair Astrology Chart.

It’s the waxing moon for lunar hair care starting on Saturday after the New Moon.


Find the moon crescent getting bigger each night after sunset.

The principles of lunar hair care hold that the waxing moon is the time to see faster growth after a haircut or trim, and after a coloring or chemical treatment.


Take a look at the calendar below. The best day in the next week for hair care is the New Moon in Aquarius Jan 24, 2020 after 11a.

Cut, Color, Condition.

Aquarius is highly rated for coloring hair with its qualities of Fixed and wet.



BEST – means the optimum moon phase combined with the recommended astrological sign or aspect.

+PLUS – a plus sign boosts the recommendation to a higher rating of moon sign or moon phase, how close the moon is to new or full.  

VC – Void-of-course moon when the moon is traveling in between the signs. Schedule hair appointments on another day.

NM+1 – means it is one day after the New Moon.

LUNAR HAIR CHART for JAN 23-29, 2020.


Jan 23

FINISH before 4p

Moon: LQ+6, Capricorn, Wane

Last Quarter Week

Color & chemical–slower growth

Cut hair

Cut hair, trim ends–slower growth–BEST++

Cut hair, trim ends–thicker growth–BEST

Note: caution for moody urges in afternoon.

AVOID after 4p

Moon: V/C


Jan 24 – New Moon

AVOID before 7a

Moon: V/C

START after 7a

Moon: NM, Aquarius

Color hair–BEST

Condition hair

Cut hair, trim ends–faster growth

Note: caution in morning for poor choices, disruptions.

Best hours after 11a today.


Jan 25

FINISH before 9a

Moon: NM+1, Aquarius, Wax

New Moon Week

Color hair–BEST

Condition hair

Cut hair, trim ends–faster growth

Permanent wave, relaxant, straightener

AVOID after 9a

Moon: V/C


Jan 26

AVOID all day/night 

Moon: V/C, Pisces; Venus square Mars


Jan 27

AVOID all day/night 

Moon: Pisces; Moon square Mars


Jan 28

AVOID all day/night 

Moon: Pisces; V/C


Jan 29

AVOID before 6a

Moon: V/C

START after 6a

Moon: NM+5, Aries, Wax

New Moon Week

Color & chemical–best absorption

Condition hair–BEST

Cut hair, trim ends–faster growth

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