Moon Astrology for Jan 19 – 25, 2020 – Last Quarter Wane Moon Phase Week

Friday 1/24, New Moon day in Aquarius, is the best day for important business.

Also make plans for Monday 1/27 and Tuesday 1/28.

Times listed are Pacific Standard Time. Add 3 hours for EST.

JAN 19 – SUN

LQ+2. Get it done by 1p. Then break during VOC 1p-3p. Pleasant Sunday off. If you hit the wall this week, downtime is key. Muse.

JAN 20 – MON

Sagittarius  Fire  Wane

LQ+3. Might be short tempers in the morning. Afternoon eases up but caution for moody all evening. Don’t push. Relief, let it be.

JAN 21 – TUE

Void to Capricorn Earth

LQ+4. Delay decisions with no astrological aspects today. Balsamic moon favors a break, gentle time for yourself. Stick to routine and priority lists. Wait.

JAN 22 – WED

Capricorn  Earth  Wane

LQ+5. Earth signs favor business and finance. Afternoon brings mellow moods if you need a favor 3p-4p. Stay home tonight. 

JAN 23 – THU

Capricorn to Void Moon

LQ+6. Caution in the afternoon for impulsive moods. Wait today, plan for tomorrow. Vulnerable. Skip evening plans with Saturn.

JAN 24 – FRI

Aquarius New Moon

Possible irritable moods in the morning. HI track starts 11a for top work. Let the day be okay, notice what interests you for the cycle.

JAN 25 – SAT

Aquarius to Void Moon

NM+1. Good morning for a talk or physical activity with positive Mars. HI to 11a. Then kick back/chores with VOC. Fragile but hopeful.

There’s a couple of weeks left for getting important tasks done before the next Mercury retrograde in February.