Moon Astrology for Jan 12 – 18, 2020 – Full Moon Phase Week

Jan 12-18 moon astrology tips for the week.

Schedule important tasks on Monday 1/13, Tuesday 1/14, Friday after 11a PST, and Saturday.

Times listed are Pacific Standard Time. Add 3 hours for EST.

JAN 12 – SUN

Leo   Fire   Wane

FM+2. Big Saturn Pluto meeting serious business. Something big is changing. Focus on the present, in charge of your best options.

JAN 13 – MON

Virgo  Earth  Wane

FM+3. HI trend 9a-3p for top work. Low morning. Upsets afternoon. Familiar territory is best. Tempers at dinner. Peace returns by 9p.

JAN 14 – TUE

FM+4. HI trend for important tasks. Difficult emotions AM, but clears up by noon. Mixed evening ends with duty and peace, harmony. Forgive rather than blame.

JAN 15 – WED

FM+5. Second cup to get smooth sailing day 8a. Positive change, social lunch. Check neglected details. Muse on improvements.

JAN 16 – THU

FM+6. Make friends with the day with no big aspects. Keep at overlooked items.

Skip evening plans while uneasy Pluto prowls.

JAN 17 – FRI

Scorpio Last Quarter

Go slow early. HI after 11a. Mixups in the afternoon? Rewards from pleasant social dinner with Venus 5p-8p. Feelings are signals.

JAN 18 – SAT

Q+1. HI track for top items. Peaceful day to end the week. Calm, inspiring. Tend to routine tasks. Ease up. Vision who you want to be.

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