Moon Astrology for Sep 29-Oct 5, 2019 – New Moon Week

There is still time for the next few days to allow the concept of something new in your life to take shape. It might be a physical project or a habit or an attitude or a spiritual one.

The best intentions bubble up on their own into conscious awareness.

The key is to listen and observe.

Times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. Add 3 hours for EST.

My picks for the best days to take care of priority business are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.

SEP 29 – SUN
Libra  Air  Waxing

NM+1. Pleasant morning but caution 10a-12p noon. Identify project or a new version of you. Note what holds your interest. 

SEP 30 – MON 
Scorpio Water Wax

NM+2. Re-order priority lists. Caution 10a-12p. Each cycle is a second chance. Let go of a personal worry. Avoid upsets this evening.

OCT 1 – TUE 
Scorpio Water Wax

NM+3. Could be inspired ideas this morning. More optimism today. Check long range lists, holidays, vacations, seasonal. Seed opens.


Sagittarius Fire Wax

NM+4. Good day for priorities. Act like the person you’ve always wanted to be. A sprout from new moon vision. Friendly evening.

OCT 3 – THU 

Sagittarius Fire Wax

NM+5. Confusing morning clears up by noon. Do priority items in afternoon. New desires arrive so welcome new ventures and ideas.

OCT 4 – FRI 

Capricorn Earth Wax

NM+6. Someone is upset before lunch. Move ahead in the afternoon with important items. Go, do, be, play. Allow for new ideas.

OCT 5 – SAT 

Capricorn First Quarter

Keep it simple in the morning with the waxing half moon exact & Saturn. Afternoon improves. Make some waves, work through it.

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