Moon Astrology for Sep 8-14, 2019 – First Quarter Week – Harvest Moon

Sep 8-14 moon astrology tips for the week.

Sunday all day, Monday afternoon and Tuesday all day are the best days this week.

Times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. 
Add 3 hours for EST.

2019 Moon Astrology Planner

Capricorn Earth Wax. FQ+3. A mixed morning can work out. Doubt is normal. Face issues with grace. You may discover how to pull it altogether and solve it.

SEP 9 – MON – Void-of-course moon 1a-3p
FQ+4. Delay decisions for the morning. Start priority items after 3p. Believe in the plan. Take a step beyond normal abilities.

SEP 10 – TUE 
Aquarius Air Wax. FQ+5. Fill your schedule today and proceed full steam ahead. Patiently work thru obstacles. Notice how your ripples affect others.

SEP 11 – WED – Void-of-course moon all day. FQ+6. Caution for full moon tensions building. Note current results but wait on decisions and actions. Prep for tomorrow. Skip social.

SEP 12 – THU 
Pisces  Water  Wax. FQ+7. Back to the action details. Consider if reality is aligned to the vision. Recognize what is working. Watch for full moon dramas.

SEP 13 – FRI  Pisces Full Moon. Watch for temper flare-ups mid-day. Decide to focus passions into positive activities. Current expression is matured to its fullest extent.

SEP 14 – SAT – Void-of-course moon to 4p
FM+1. Stick to normal chores until the Aries moon at 4p. Full moon window is still open. Do something familiar for balance.

Keep plans simple Wednesday through Saturday.

Plan for action on the Tuesday the 17th and Wednesday 18th next week.