Moon Astrology for Aug 25 – 31, 2019 – Last Quarter Week

It’s stop and go every other day coming up.

Make your moves on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Void-of-course moons SUN, TUE, THU, SAT.


The moon’s path in the sky is called void when it travels between the astrological signs.

Wait on decisions and purchases during the hours of a void moon.

Do chores, grooming, middle parts of projects already set up.

No start or finish.

Friends, relax with no agenda.

Prepare for the hours when the action starts again.


This last week of the waning moon is like getting ready for a big trip.

Wind up the daily affairs of living – personal, home, work.

Review current conditions and put things in order.

Take care of details and neglected items.

Get ready for a big change at the New Moon.

Part of getting ready for a trip is to plan activities in advance.

And be on the lookout for new ideas that pop up.

Look for the moon in the morning sky.


Fill the New Moon vision with the emotions of already having what you want.

Note how your mood changes.

See if it’s different compared to last week.

It’s Earth, Earth, Earth element in Virgo.

Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Sun are all in Virgo.

Perfect for back-to-school details.

Summer’s over, it’s time to work.

The Earth element is good to build, focus, improve.

This New Moon is one of the best cycles to start something new.

Make a fresh start on something that has stalled.

Pick a project or a health regimen (Virgo!).

The moon cycle supports second chance.

Aug 30 – Sep 5 is the optimum time to go for it.

But take all the time you need for the next two weeks until the Sep 14 Full Moon.How to read the headings below:

Moon sign [Aries] + Element [Fire] + Moon Phase [Wax/Wane] LQ+2 means it is two days after the Last Quarter Moon.  Times listed are Pacific Daylight Time.  Add 3 hours for EST.

AUGUST 25 – SUN – V/C 12a to 2p
Cancer Water Wane

LQ+2. Have a slow morning with the void-of-course moon. 2p-6p enjoy some positive time after a hard few days. Play, dream.

Cancer Water Wane

LQ+3. A brilliant early morning may turn serious in the afternoon. Adjust. Keep to routine. Pain is a signal that it’s time to let go. Time for a new sense of how to be.

AUGUST 27 – TUE – V/C 2a to 5p
Void-of-course moon to Leo

LQ+4. Pull back from the pushing machine. Proceed on tasks already set up. Release what is no longer needed. Evening perks up.

AUGUST 28 – WED – V/C 5p – 12a
Leo  Fire  Wane Void

LQ+5. Schedule important appts 3p-5p afternoon with Leo moon trine Jupiter. Go easy in the evening with the void moon. Let go of it.

AUGUST 29 – THU – V/C 12a to 5p
Void-of-course to Virgo

LQ+6. Delay new actions and work on tasks already set up. Emptiness is fading. Group activities are favored. Possible evening surprise.

Virgo New Moon – Earth

Contacts are positive in the morning. Keep it simple after 3p. This powerful time is precious. Seed a new vision of your desire. Accept it all.

AUGUST 31 – SAT – V/C 2a – 4p
Void to Libra Air 4p

NM+1. Unsettling morning. Do simple activities or rest. If work, focus on areas already set up. Muse on a new cycle, second chance.

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