Moon Astrology for July 29 – August 4, 2019 – New Moon Week

July 29 – Aug 4 – New Moon Week ahead tips for moon phase astrology.

The one step forward and two steps back dance we’ve recently been tangled in should move forward by the end of the week.


Wednesday July 31 the New Moon occurs along with Mercury return to forward motion. Let the direction-confused Mercury have a day or two to settle in before tackling the priority items.


For the New Moon let’s consider upgrading wishing and hoping and intending to a better level. It’s been my experience that wishing keeps the thing that you want in future time and it never quite comes within reach.

Another approach to would be to firmly declare a goal or attitude for the cycle. Decide on it rather than wish for it. Infuse the resolution with the emotions that it feels like when you have it. What does it feel like to have it in the present time “now” rather than in the future? Call on memories of similar occasions to summon up a sense of it.

New Moon Week Riding Moon Cycles


Here are the moon astrology tips for next week:

Phase note: LQ+5 means it is five days after the Last Quarter moon.

Phase note: NM+2 is two days after the New Moon.

Times listed are PST.

July 29 – MON

Cancer  Water  Wane

LQ+5. A shred of hope returns. Be alert for new mood around 3p. Believe an answer exists so you will recognize it when you see it.

July 30 – TUE

Cancer  Water  Wane

LQ+6. May be creative ideas this morning. But Mars/Neptune brings confusion. It’s the dark days to retreat & nourish inner vision. Wait.

July 31 – WED

Leo New Moon

Good time for a social lunch today. Fill the vision with the emotions of already having what you want, right now, today. Powerful time.

August 1 – THU

Leo Fire to Void 2p

NM+1. Get important tasks done before 12p noon. Look for something wonderful. After that, switch to routine. Sensitive is okay. Have some hope.

August 2 – FRI

Virgo  Earth  Waxing

NM+2. A strong, earthy, waxing go-for-it day for your most important activities. Decide to show up to how you feel, what to do.

August 3 – SAT

Virgo  Earth  Waxing

NM+3. A quirky day may turn out all right in the end. Enjoy optimism. Go ahead with new plans if ready. Familiar limits may surface.

August 4 – SUN

Libra  Air  Waxing

NM+4. Caution in the morning with confused Mars-Pluto. Maybe shadows from the past. Day gets progressively better to late evening.

If you are the type of person who likes to plan ahead, you can find all of the moon astrology tips for the whole year in the paperback book called 2019 Moon Astrology Planner on Amazon.