Moon Astrology for week July 8, 2019

July 8 – 14 First Quarter Week ahead tips for moon phase astrology.


It’s not about the Moon, but it is a practical astrological transit to pay attention to for a few weeks. During the first few days JUL 7-10 of a Mercury Retrograde it usually feels like a bit of a rocking boat. Hold on to the sides of the boat until it settles.

I have tried everything over the years during a Mercury Retrograde and it’s not all bad.

What does not seem to work is buying an important item which ends up not working out as it is expected to perform. Starting critical new projects, business, or contracts. Now, it’s been said that Yoko Ono prefers to sign all contracts during a Mercury Retrograde so that she can renegotiate it later. Your mileage may vary.

Activities that I found to be successful are:

Visiting with old friends and relatives. Edit existing work and projects. Reviewing plans overall but no changes yet. Check details and find mistakes. Prepare projects to release after the retrograde.


It’s pretty good this week.

Sunday all day which is probably okay for most of us.

Tuesday afternoon be sure to wait and rest.

Thursday evening is just right to take a break.

Saturday evening the same. Keep plans simple.


Next week daily tips direct from the 2019 Moon Astrology Planner.

Hours listed are in Pacific Time.

Shorthand note for the moon phases:

NM+6 means it is six days after the New Moon.

FQ+3 means it is three days after the First Quarter moon.

JULY 8 – MON – Libra  Air  Waxing

NM+6. Back to work Monday is best in early hours before 7a. Mixed signals, confusion by 9a. Watch for impulsive actions 330p.

JULY 9 – TUE – Libra First Quarter & Void

Best hours for priority tasks are morning to 11a. Switch to routine and parts already set up in the afternoon. Consider the issue at hand.

JULY 10 – WED – Scorpio  Water  Wax

FQ+1. Challenging day for tempers and irritability. Trust instincts. Claim the dark new vision. Evening holds a welcome relief.

JULY 11 – THU – Scorpio  Water  Wax

FQ+2. Mixed morning turns better after 11a. Tend to top matters and help from advisors until 4p. Evening is void moon to take a break.

JULY 12 – FRI – Sagittarius Fire Wax

FQ+3. Fired up action morning. Find an ease of knowing how to put it all together. Solution arrives, or face obstacle with some grace.

JULY 13 – SAT – Sagittarius Fire Wax

FQ+4. Morning hours are best to 1p. It takes some wisdom now to push through. It’s worth it. Relax with void evening moon. 

JULY 14 – SUN – Void-of-course moon

FQ+5. Caution for low emotions in morning. Void day good to work but don’t start or finish. Chores, prepare for Monday, relax.

If you would like more, the whole year is listed out by the week in the 2019 Moon Astrology Planner which is available on Amazon.