Moon Astrology for week June 24, 2019

JUNE 24 – 30 Last Quarter Week ahead from the 2019 Moon Astrology Planner.

If you have a choice for scheduling priority matters this week, pick Monday before 2p, Thursday, Friday, Saturday AM, Sunday AM.

The Taurus moon Thursday and Friday favor financial matters. Saturday is good for social time with the Gemini moon.

The notations “FM+7” and “LQ+1” describe how many days after the last moon phase.

FM+7 is 7 days after the full moon. 
LQ+1 is one day after the Last Quarter moon. 
LQ+2 is two days after the Last Quarter moon. And so on.

Times listed are Pacific Time in North America.

JUNE 24 – MONDAY – Pisces to Aries 8p
FM+7. Go for it before 11a. Break 2p-8p with void moon. Check neglected details that were forgotten the last few weeks. Evening perks up with Aries moon.

JUNE 25 – TUESDAY – Aries Fire Last Quarter
Look for the waning half-moon high in morning sky. Find simple tasks to let your mind clear. Internal issues need time to process.

JUNE 26 – WEDNESDAY – Aries Fire Wane
LQ+1. Old things must pass away now. Let them go. Look for feedback on something you overlooked. 10a-3p for priority tasks.

JUNE 27 – THURSDAY – Taurus Earth Wane
LQ+2. Moody morning. You’ve survived gate of initiation. Bright spot 9a-11a and 4p-6p. The past doesn’t have to define you. Let go.

JUNE 28 – FRIDAY – Taurus Earth Wane
LQ+3. Both Moon & Saturn support practical actions today. Can only look up now, having reached empty. Old & new mix up together.

JUNE 29 – SATURDAY – Taurus Earth to Gemini Air
LQ+4. Finish important tasks in the morning. Balance effort with rest 2p-6p. Let go of being perfect while new thinking is forming.

JUNE 30 – SUNDAY – Gemini Air Wane
LQ+5. Watch for foolishness in afternoon. A new cycle begins soon. Consider what it is that you really desire?

This week is about understanding and being grateful for what you received since the last New Moon. Did you get it? The good work of releasing the past and resting during this week will make next week’s New Moon all that much better.

If you would like to look ahead even further for the lunar aspects, you can find the 2019 Moon Astrology Planner on Amazon. Take a look, it’s an easy-to-use paperback planner.