Lunar hair care – New Moon

Principles of lunar hair care give us a structure for timing hair treatments that are compatible with the astrology of the moon.

We use lunar hair care principles just as gardeners consult astrology for growing and harvesting plants with the moon signs and the moon cycle. The Farmer’s Almanac has long been the primary reference for gardening with astrology.


WAXING MOON – from New to Full.

Our ancestors and folklore tell us that cutting wool from sheep during the waxing moon ensured strong growth for the next cut. Over time this same tried and true principle is applied to human hair care. Cut your hair during the waxing moon if you want to keep it growing fast and long.

WANING MOON – Full Moon to New

Wisdom from country living was passed down by word of mouth over many generations. People learned that certain activities had a predictable result after the full moon when the light decreases or is waning. For instance, woodcutters noticed that when sap moved downward on a tree, it was the best time to cut timber for strength. That’s why you see old buildings that are still standing.

Also after the full moon, farmers recognized that grass grew back more slowly after mowing. We apply that concept to lunar hair care when we want to keep a style short, we cut hair during the waning moon.


The moon is waning this week. So we cut hair to keep a style short.

And May 1-2 the moon is in Aries which is the sign that has the astrological properties to focus on slower growth for hair.

Each astrological sign has classes and categories that are applied to lunar hair care.

Aries is dry, hot and semi-barren. Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign.

Choose the Aries waning moon especially for slower growth after a trim or cut.

These same characteristics of Aries make it a good time to condition hair.


One of the best dates of the year for New Moon enthusiasts is to get a haircut or trim on May 4 with the Taurus moon.

For lunar hair care, the New Moon focus is on seeing the fastest growth after a haircut or trim.

Here are the dates and times for lunar hair care next week for PST time zone.


Choose these dates and times to color hair with lunar hair care principles. PST

MAY 3 TAU after 3p

MAY 4 TAU New Moon

MAY 5 TAU before 6a


Choose these dates and times to apply deep conditioners to hair. PST

MAY 1 ARI after 5a

MAY 2 ARI all day/night

MAY 5 GEM after 11p–BEST

MAY 6 GEM–BEST all day/night

MAY 7 GEM before 3p–BEST


These are the best dates and times to trim or cut hair. PST

MAY 1 ARI after 5a–BEST+


MAY 3 TAU after 3p


After the New Moon the focus is on faster growth after a trim or haircut. Choose these dates if you want longer hair quicker. PST

MAY 4 TAU–BEST++ New Moon

MAY 5 TAU before 6a–BEST+

MAY 5 GEM after 11p


MAY 7 GEM before 3p–BEST

All of the dates for the whole year are listed in Lunar Hair 2019. Just pick a treatment and find a day. Or choose a day and find a treatment. Available on Amazon. Click here.