What to do at the Last Quarter Waning Moon in Capricorn?

There’s a glimmer of hope on the way with Mercury going direct on Thursday.

Routine tasks are welcome.

Also be on the lookout for new ideas.

Often peak experiences happen with the Last Quarter moon.

Here’s the Moon Astrology Planner tips for the next week. Times are PST.

Capricorn Last Quarter Moon March 27, 2019

MAR 26 2019 TUE
Sagittarius to Void 7p
FM+6. Grumpy morning gets better. Make friends with the day and what it brings. Tend to forgotten details. Be off tonight with the void moon.

MAR 27 2019 WED
Venus sextile Uranus (new, fun, unique)
Capricorn Last Quarter 
Only good news this morning with positive Venus. After 11a clean up work areas. Find simple tasks to let your mind clear. Mental changes.

MAR 28 2019 THU
Mercury Direct (move ahead now on projects)
Capricorn Earth Wane
LQ+1. Positive afternoon for important tasks. Best is to stick to routine matters. Ease up on the frantic pace. 
Call it early tonight.

MAR 29 2019 FRI
Capricorn Earth Wane
LQ+2. You do not have to be a fine example of your past experiences. Best hours 2p-5p for important tasks.Notice if new ideas arrive.

MAR 30 2019 SAT
Aquarius Air Wane
LQ+3. A welcome relief today. A day to just be normal and let it all be. Watch for a push/pull feeling with old and new. Dream a little.

MAR 31 2019 SUN
Aquarius Air Wane
LQ+4. Watch for the blame game that says others are “doing it to you.” Instead, explore what is inside you to let go of being perfect.

APR 1 2019 MON
All Fool’s Day
Pisces Water Wane
LQ+5. Trouble in the morning but turns out okay. Believe that an answer exists so you can recognize the solution when it arrives.

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