A First Time Coloring Experience

One day a friend and I visited the local coffee shop to be enveloped in the welcoming aromas and comfort inside on a cold winter day.

Three women were gathered around a table spread with coloring books, pens and markers and, of course, steaming cups of coffee. They looked happy and engaged completely with the materials. 

Then I spied a college girl hunched over her laptop looking very tense. Another man pounded on the computer keys.

The difference between the ladies with their coloring books and the people focused on the computer screens was astounding. Those women with the coloring books won me over to coloring on that very day. I wanted that quality of quiet and relaxation.

Then it occurred to me that I could draw my own coloring pages. And what could be better than a coloring page about balloons? If I liked it, wouldn’t someone else like it, too?

And so the Simple Balloons Coloring Book was released into the world. It’s sole purpose is to help others find that same sense of quiet and relaxation and a little fun with coloring.