Last Quarter Wane Moon Phase Let’s Be Honest

Do you wonder HOW to navigate the mysterious Last Quarter week? Let’s talk about that.

First, check your moon phase on your astrology calendar or weather app. The Last Quarter moon occurs Sunday, Sep 2, 2018. See the moon high in the southern sky in the morning.

Be sure to scroll down! I am sure you will find something wonderful!

What does the Last Quarter moon phase mean? It is time for soul searching and reaching a turning point with recent insights.

Feelings that come up are signals.

In the last week or so the current burning issue was identified, it now it is time to let go, to release. To be honest with the issue to face.

When we are told to “release” something, what does that mean?

How do we release something?

Releasing is an action.

It is NOT a fleeting thought for a few seconds with a blink and it’s gone.

Releasing important issues requires a method that is rooted in body, mind and spirit. Chances are that it will take more than one round to do it. But your job is to pay attention for this round of the moon cycle.

Different methods work at different times. Multiple disciplines may be needed also. Be sensitive to what may be the right method for this particular time. None of these suggestions are a substitute for professional medical treatment. See your doctor!


In the Prepare for a Successful New Moon post I mentioned this time in the moon cycle brings up insights about a current Thing manifesting as a mental struggle and tension.

Now that the Thing has a Name, am I the only one who is asking “What do I do with that”? It is human nature to look for a solution.


The first step is to have an attitude and willingness to believe that there is a solution. Reminds me of the phrase, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” This means having a frame of mind to receive an answer or solution.


When that is achieved, be on the look out for clues that may come from any type of source. The positive attitude and willingness will allow you to do that and recognize that it is an answer.

Be creative to find methods of releasing. Here are a few ideas:


This ancient Hawaiian spiritual system has a delightfully simple method to perform a forgiveness ritual as a method to heal yourself.


These web sites are excellent sources for flower essences:

Desert Alchemy

Bach Flower Essences

Rescue Remedy


I like to use everyday herbs for helpers as well. Take 3-5 drops of an herbal extract on the tongue for a spirit dose. Here are a few:

Black Cohosh for accepting change and understanding emotional patterns. Opens the heart.

Echinacea for feelings about past traumas. Opens to joy. For denial issues and release old patterns.

Lemon Balm for anxiety and elevate the mood. Centering and calming. Lets out suppressed pain and rage.


Any kind of body work helps to release old patterns. Massage, yoga, walking, acupuncture, chiropractic, swimming, sports. Moving the body allows energy and emotions to move, too.

Be sure to seek the advice of your doctor for any medical condition.


The important word for any spiritual system is “practice.”

Prayer, meditation, shamanic journeying, goddess rituals, clairvoyant reading, wicca, reiki, Buddhism – there are so many possible now. Do you have a practice?

Here is a meditation practice link with the chakras with Jim Self:

We do this release practice so that we have a clean slate for the New Moon.

I am so glad you stopped by today! Laraine