Lunar Hair Tip #11 – Capricorn

Lunar hair care is a system of knowledge that classifies hair care treatments according to a particular moon phase or an astrological sign.


Handed down through history and folklore, this astrological system comes from ancient writings, has strong roots in country wisdom, and is refined by modern experience.


Lunar Hair Tip #11 - Moon in Capricorn

Each astrological sign has particular qualities for lunar hair cutting.


Let’s talk about Capricorn today.


Capricorn has specific qualities for the goal of cutting hair to see faster growth. Earthy Capricorn is classified as cold, which is specific for faster growth, along with being semi-fertile.


These same qualities benefit the goal of thicker hair, paired with the full moon.


Cutting hair during the full moon phase is one of the most common recommendations you might have heard about lunar hair cutting. Over two thousand years ago, an ancient Roman scholar said as much: Pliny the Elder quoted an even older scholar who recommended haircuts at the full moon.


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