Head’s up! Void-of-course Moon June 4 Monday

Monday, June 4, is a VOC void-of-course moon all day. We’ve had several in the last few weeks and there are more to come.

The VOC means there are no aspects between the moon and planets. No trines, sextiles, or squares. Riding Moon Cycles Void-of-course Moon Head's Up!

It is an in-between time when issues may not appear clear.

Maybe the Monday puzzle pieces will not fit just right.

It’s best to keep it simple and delay important decisions.

I have tried every possible variation of activity during a void moon and found it best to have few expectations of the day. If you can arrange your schedule, keep to routine matters.

One thing I found to work is to pick one existing item to fix up. The last VOC I freshened up the soil around the rose bushes. I’ve also found recently that working with routine data is useful, like making lists and collecting data for later use. Research. Cleaning and laundry work well also.

Here are more void-of-course moon days coming up (PST)

Jun 7 Thu – am
Jun 9 Sat – pm
Jun 13 Wed – pm – New Moon
Jun 15 Fri – all day
Jun 17 – evening
Jun 21 Thu – evening
Jun 22 Fri – am
Jun 24 – all day
Jun 26 – all day
Jun 29 – all day

Make important appointments for other days.