Lunar Hair Tip #8 – Perm, Relaxant, Straighteners – Lunar Hair Chart

There are two lunar hair chart rules for perms, relaxants, & straighteners.

  • The moon phase
  • The astrological sign

Lunar hair care is a system of knowledge that classifies hair care treatments according to a particular moon phase or an astrological sign. Handed down through history and folklore, this system comes from ancient writings, has strong roots in country wisdom, and is refined by modern experience and astrology.

For years I have collected the available information about traditional lunar hair care principles from books, magazines, and the internet and have transformed the material into a set of lunar hair care rules and a lunar hair calendar. The rules are a summary of votes for each category of hair care.

Now, back to the votes for permanent waves, relaxants and straighteners.

MOON PHASELunar Hair Tip #8 - Perm, Relaxant, Straightener Riding Moon Cycles

The strong consensus among astrologers and hair stylists for lunar hair care for perms vote for the application of chemical treatments during the waxing moon phase, from New Moon to Full Moon. The waxing phase of the moon is chosen for the quality of absorption.


Three signs are recommended in lunar hair care for permanent waves, relaxants, and straighteners: Taurus, Virgo, and Aquarius.

There are varying opinions about these astrological signs when applied to lunar hair care for perms. What we can say for sure is that a shared quality for Aquarius and Taurus is that they are Fixed in astrology terms, which is a positive trait for a perm.

Virgo is Mutable but in its own class as the only barren Earth sign. Virgo is also dry and cold like Taurus. Virgo’s unique classifications make it the top choice for a perm.


To choose the best day for a perm or chemical treatment like a relaxant or straightener, pick a day between the New and Full moons when the moon is in Taurus, Virgo, or Aquarius.

The best possible day for a perm according to traditional lunar hair care principles would be on a day when the moon is in Virgo right around First Quarter of the waxing phase.

So glad you stopped by today for this lunar hair calendar tip!