Lunar Hair Tip #7 – Appointment Time – Check this detail before scheduling


If you have tried using the lunar hair cutting method and do not feel successful at it yet, check one more detail when making an appointment.

Easily check this detail with a daily astrology chart. Not your birth chart. Not your horoscope.




Keep a paper calendar in your bag – I like Jim Maynard’s Pocket Astrologer or We’Moon.

Or bookmark an online link.


Lunar Hair Tip #7 - Appointment Time - RidingMoonCycles


The most important thing is to have an astrology calendar that is in your time zone or one you can easily convert to your time zone. Like EST – Eastern Standard Time, or PST. Many calendars use GMT and you have to add or subtract hours for your time zone. Check time zones here.

Or, follow the exact hours listed in Lunar Hair 2018.

Whichever method you use, focus on this detail:



Use the astrology calendar to find out the times of the VOC or Void-of-Course moon times before scheduling a salon appointment.





What is the Void-of-Course Moon?

The void-of-course (aka VOC or V/C) moon occurs when the moon is traveling between the signs. It lasts from the time it marked the last major aspect with another planet in its current sign until it moves into the next sign.


A VOC event happens every few days for a time period

ranging from a few minutes to a couple of days.


What happens during the VOC?

The ancient rule of astrology says that if there are no aspects going on with the planets, then there is nothing happening. Period.

You might think that would be a good thing, but “nothing happening” means that nothing relevant “can” happen because it is only through a planet or the moon’s relationship to the other planets that a determination of an event can be expected.


It is my experience that a salon appointment during this

time period of the VOC may produce a disappointing result.




You might say during the VOC that the moon and all events are parked on the sidelines and you are better off waiting until the time passes before taking a significant action. Believe me, after applying the “push ahead at all costs” mentality of American modern life to the VOC moon, I confirmed that this is true for me.


Every idea, project, hair care treatment or other important task

has never produced successful results for me during the VOC moon.


You may have a different opinion about it from personal experience, and that’s okay.

It is my experience and the recommendation of many astrologers to avoid important activities during the VOC. A hair treatment would definitely be high on the list of priority appointments to avoid.


What is a positive action during VOC?

Actions are best delayed until the moon reaches the next sign. Use the time of the void-of-course moon to rejuvenate your spirituality. Or execute the mantra: clean, file sort. My favorite is scheduling routine home tasks like laundry and vacuuming. Not interested in chores? Go out to lunch or see a movie. Meditate, read a book, enjoy music, talk to friends.

If you have to do something important, don’t panic about it. Just be aware that you may have to allow for changes later on and understand that decisions may not be final.

Work on current projects that are already in progress. Wait to start or finish important work until after the VOC ends.

When the moon fully enters the next sign, get back to

your most important activities, like hair care.

See if this detail makes a difference for your lunar hair care schedule.

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