Your lunar eclipse doesn’t need anyone but —


The ride of the Supermoon Full Moon Eclipse has been on since the Jan 16 2018 new moon. Can you feel it? This wave will extend to the Mar 17 2018 New Moon.

The exciting ports in between are the

Jan 31 2018 lunar eclipse full moon and
Feb 15 2018 solar eclipse new moon.

A couple of boosts to these particular eclipse events are that

1. All planets are in direct movement, no retrogrades
2. Connection to the previous eclipse last Aug 21 2017.


Generally, I think about this eclipse looking back to what important topics were going on last August and are surfacing again at this time.

Simply speaking, an eclipse brings a focus to an important issue.

Insights and epiphanies can occur to resolve or change the issue.

Recognition or resolution in the form of a new reality will finalize at the next 6-month sale eclipse at the Aug 11 2018 new moon.

I think about eclipses as an observation platform. Plenty of activity surrounds it and the topic is easy to identify because it is the “Only Topic” going on right now. But the actual day of the eclipse is one for just “being” rather than doing.

Just think of it: during a lunar eclipse as we will have on Jan 31 at 5:30a PST, during a window of a few short hours, we will have the visual perception of an entire cycle of the light waning and waxing cross the face of the moon.

A whole cycle in a couple of hours.

The full light of shining on the full moon for passion, completion, drama…

…fading like the waning moon into contemplation of the meaning of it all, with gratitude and sharing what you know.

…to the full dark like a New Moon when the dormant seed of intention can swell with readiness. The eerie feeling that bubbles up because it is an unusual view.

…to the growing light of the moon to rise up and meet the thing that you say that you want, taking care that others are busy with their goals, too.

…back to the overflowing light of the full moon completion and realization again.

This is heady stuff.

Because this whirlwind journey through a whole cycle contains a large amount of psychic input, it tells me that it is wise to stop and pay attention during the hours of the eclipse.

No major activity is required other than those to support an inner experience like meditation, drumming, music, or small rituals of observance. What works for you is the one to choose. Maybe you like a walking meditation. Or, I’m hearing whispers in the background, that maybe some of you like to sleep through it.

Whatever form you decide on, eclipse hours are a time to tune in to receive a new awareness or personal knowledge that may come through. Sleeping through it? Pay attention when you wake up.

Here are a couple of links for visibility areas, a video, and graphics if you haven’t seen any yet.

I’ll be up early here on the west coast if the universe should allow the clouds to part for a while. I’ll be thinking of you and blessing your eclipse experience for the best results for all concerned.

Remember, your eclipse doesn’t need anyone – but YOU.