Announcing Lunar Hair 2018


Happy New Year! I am delighted to announce that Lunar Hair 2018 is at last ready on Amazon. This is the 4th year of publication! Yaay.

Here are some highlights for the lunar hair year ahead.

The 2018 edition has even more detailed astrological aspects for each day, both positive and cautionary.

Notes for each day include ones like:

  • caution for new styles
  • stick to routine maintenance
  • evening favors a positive boost from Venus
  • caution for foolish choices
  • afternoon Jupiter favors optimistic choices
  • practical decisions are favored

…and more.

Moon Phase Hair 2018 Top Picks

In 2018 I see excellent Top Picks for Capricorn, Taurus, Libra and Scorpio New Moons for lunar hair growing hair out faster. Even better, there are few astrological cautions this year for these dates.

The Top Picks for vital energy have two months for the Best rating in March/Taurus and June/Leo. There are other good days in between.

The Best rating for keeping the style the longest with a Virgo waning moon line up in January 5 and 6, October, November and December.

Lunar Hair Chart for Thicker

The highest rated Top Picks for thicker on Full Moon days do have some cautions for some astrological aspects in January, June, and October. Check the main daily listing for dates and times because there is always a better time or day before/after the exact Full Moon time.

Here is an example. The Oct 24, 2018, Taurus Full Moon has a caution for moodiness with the Moon opposite Venus in the afternoon. A better choice comes the next day before 1p with the Moon still in Taurus and inside the Full Moon Window.

Every lunar hair treatment choice is listed for each day of the year 2018.