New Year and Full Moon Paradox


It’s not often that we start out a new year on a Monday with a Full Moon. In fact, I can’t find one in recent history or in the near future.


Full Moon on January 1:

1915 – Friday

1961 – Sunday

2018 – Monday

2048 – Wednesday


The first thing I notice about this event is the contrast of starting and finishing.


START – On the first day of a new year we traditionally look forward to set sail for the journey ahead.


FINISH – And yet, with the Full Moon, the voyage of the current moon cycle is about completion.


This paradox tells me that the customary setting goals and intentions for 2018 should wait for the Jan 16 New Moon.


The Full Moon is a time for reflection.

What is the paradox of the New Year's Full Moon?

The plant is at full flowering mode and celebrating its current growth cycle for all it is worth. Is there anything prettier than a rose in its peak of bloom?


All we can do is stand back and admire it.


You are the rose.


You are the magnificent bloom in all of its glory at this point in time.


Stand in the full light of the current version of you just as the rose stretches its petals fully open to the sun.


All that could be done has been done.


Be glad.


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And with great celebration should come great caution.


I expect the party circuit to be wild tonight. At the same time, care is in order for being too wild and getting into trouble!


I mention this because an article popped into my box this morning about the increase of motorcycle accidents at the full moon, and even more on a supermoon night.


So, with that caution, I am grateful to share my moon musings with you and say Happy Full Moon New Year!