Cut hair to grow faster with the Moon Phases


Traditional western astrology principles hold that growing out hair faster has several points to consider:

  • Astrological class, element, quality
  • Astrological sign
  • Astrological moon phase

Let’s start with the astrological categories recommended for growing hair out faster. The class of fertile and semi-fertile signs that are cold win out for this category.

  • Cold
  • Fertile
  • Semi-fertile

In this class are the astrological signs of Capricorn, Taurus, Libra and Scorpio.

Add the moon phase and it gets even more interesting. Virtually all sources in traditional western astrology claim that the waxing moon phase is the best time for this hair treatment. And the closer to the New Moon, the better.

Lunar Hair 2017 – Cut hair to grow faster with the moon phase

This gradual change of the optimum moon phase for choosing a day to use astrology to grow hair out faster can be sorted by the progressive growth of the waxing moon:

  • New Moon – best choice combined with the astrological sign.
  • New Moon Week – the week after the New Moon day is the next best choice with the astrological sign.
  • First Quarter Week – the least best choice but still a waxing moon after First Quarter day to the next Full Moon.
  • Any Waxing Moon – regardless of astrological sign

If you would like an easy chart with all of these details transformed into dates and times on a calendar, take a look at Lunar Hair 2017 which is available now for free on Amazon KindleUnlimited. Watch for Lunar Hair 2018 to be available soon.