*Lunar Hair Chart for Halloween*


Plans for a fun Halloween party? Lunar hair prep has excellent aspects for color this year with Aquarius in the next few days.

The principles of lunar hair care hold that Aquarius is highly rated for coloring hair with its qualities of Fixed and wet. Plus, the current waxing moon adds better absorption.

At the same time, Aquarius has the element of Air and class of semi-barren to put it on the moon phase hair list for conditioning.

Lunar hair chart for Halloween 2017 Moon phase hair.


Lunar Hair Chart for Halloween based on Lunar Hair 2017. Times listed are PST.


Lunar hair for COLOR

Lunar hair chart for coloring hair:

Oct 27 AQU after 8a–BEST+

Oct 28 AQU–BEST++

Oct 29 AQU before 7a–BEST+


Lunar hair for CONDITION

Lunar hair chart for conditioning hair:

Oct 27 AQU after 8a–BEST


Oct 29 AQU before 7a–BEST


Lunar hair for PERM

Lunar hair chart for perms, straightener, relaxant:

Oct 27 AQU after 8a


Oct 29 AQU before 7a


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