Moon Cycle Solar Eclipse Holiday

The solar eclipse is a major holiday in the world of moon cycles. And tomorrow is a doozie! Like Christmas or the 4th of July or Thanksgiving. It is most especially a marker of a significant change. The meaning of this is unique to each of us and, like with all concepts about living with the moon cycle, it is a choice to access it and use it.

Moon Cycle Solar Eclipse Holiday Aug 21 2017

I have been through many eclipse experiences. Most of them come and go and it’s like, “Oh, well.” Which means that the eclipse degree and sign on my astrology chart is not significant.

Other times it touches me deeply and profoundly to the point of knowing that my personal world will never be the same. This is one of those eclipses for me.

To get a glimmer of a notion if you are having a major eclipse experience, consider what has been happening in your life since the end of July. The lunar eclipse of Aug 7 may have opened up a particular issue, whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual. The lunar eclipse uncovered the shadow of it.

Now, with the solar eclipse Aug 21 it is time for the reset button. For me, this solar eclipse says, “It’s time to put the dark of the Moon shadow on top of the light of the Sun.”

Time to reboot the machine that will manifest acting in a new way related to the issue. You’ll know deep inside of you which question is highlighted now and which activities will be in motion soon. If not, be open to receiving the answer. This attitude of belief allows the information to come.

Change is optional. Grab the opportunity to make a change, or let it go, it is your choice. Some of us manifest the issues in a very physical way and it is not an option to ignore it anymore.

The direction of this personal evolution will take some time to sort out and may even take months to fully understand it. It will be resolved by the next round of eclipses coming in January next year.

For eclipse day Aug 21 and the next week, it is time to just “be.” Allow the reset to happen. It’s big, mysterious, and perhaps unknowable in the grand universal scheme of things. That’s okay. Be gentle with yourself. Allow it to percolate and brew up a whole new you for this coming autumn and winter.