Prepare for a successful New Moon


Let’s gather in our comfy chairs and contemplate the waning moon for a few minutes. Sink back in the cushions and start to believe that you have all of the information that you need. We’re just pondering today and not taking any drastic actions. So, relax!

The moon cycle is a marvelous vehicle for processing very personal issues, creative goals, and even business strategies.

Grab a cup of tea or other favorite drink and let us muse for a while about this time and how it will work to benefit you during the next New Moon phase.

We are now at the end of Full Moon week during the waning moon. This is an important time! Now through the next week is the preparation time for the New Moon.

Now we think about the effects of what was created from the last New Moon JAN 27 and manifested at the Full Moon FEB 10.

Didn’t have any great plans for the last lunar cycle? That’s okay, too. This sorting out process is still useful to prepare for the New Moon FEB 26.


A new tension may be brewing now. It sneaks around in thought patterns and hangs out while doing other tasks. This tension signals an inner struggle about the effects of the last moon cycle, whether it was successful, or not. Even success has its consequences!

This mental pickle is related to something current in your life. I expect you know what it is. I often have three or four topics rumming around in my world and often more than one is on my moon cycle processing list. It doesn’t matter if you have one or more going on.


The point is that there are probably some insights bubbling up about the topic, without even trying very hard at it. Could be a personal issue, or a business one, family, relationships, hobbies, health, advertising, grooming, clothing, social, pets – anything! Only you know what it is.

This mental struggle and musing on insights is exactly where you are supposed to be.

It’s part of the lunar cycle.

It’s a signal.


The signal of struggle, tension and insights is bringing up issues or bad feeling related to an experience from in the past, which continues to be the base of your reactions in the present.

It may be identified, or not. It may be enough to know that this is what is going on! Sometimes a specific experience can be named from a certain age. Other times naming habit or energy level is enough. Sometimes giving it a color is enough.


The most important thing is to recognize that it IS a Something to pay attention to. The thing about the moon cycle is that here is an opportunity. There is no report card at the end of the day. You can choose to participate in changing This Thing during the current cycle, or you can choose to do nothing at all about it and consider it during another one. The moon cycle is simply a framework available to use, and it comes around frequently.

Whatever you choose, allow the topic to come up for review.

There is nothing more to do about it right now. Just recognize that it is there.

Let it all simmer, percolate, evaporate – whatever is right for now.

It is part of the moon cycle and it’s okay.

Thanks for stopping by today!