Moon Phase Full Moon Lunar Cycle Today

FM. It is the Full Moon in the lunar cycle today. I hope you can view it tonight!

FM Moon phase astrology. Full Moon. Lunar Calendar. Notice if your full moon feels like a celebration or a disappointment, or no change at all?

FM Moon phase and Emotions

Notice if your full moon feels like a celebration or a disappointment, or no change at all.

CELEBRATION: you have consciously completed something. Even if it is not completed, there might be a portion of it that shows progress.

DISAPPOINTMENT: this means that it is the beginning of the end of something. Count your blessings: You have walked a hard road the last few weeks and now is the time to look around at how amazingly things turned out.

When emotions flare up in yourself or those around you, be aware of what is going on and turn trouble into peace in the best way that you know how.

Be gentle with others if they are having a “full moon experience.” Most blowups either have a good reason or they disappear if left alone.

FM Moon phase and Mind

Your original plan from the New Moon may have changed – for now, just notice the difference.

The best reward for a full moon is one that you give yourself, for a job well done, part of a project completed, a successful meeting, or a good financial report. If something is not done, acknowledge which parts are finished.

Feel the climax of the cycle building to its maximum. No matter what has happened in the cycle, know that you are a valuable human being. You are not a mistake. Gratitude for all that you have in health, wealth and good work paves the way for even more bounty ahead.

Recall a peak experience from the past. Did you win a race or a spelling bee? That’s the kind of “full moon” experience that you want to consciously cultivate in future cycles. Allow for a second chance the next time around.

FM Moon phase and Work

Savor the inroads you made while the world seemed to be “too much” as the pressure increased in the last week.

If you have had a success, realize that this was not achieved all in one day, and continue with your work plans.

Express appreciation to those around you to bolster your own sense of fulfillment and gain a valuable return yourself. Know that you have much to give others because of the work you have completed.

Find a safe outlet to release pent-up emotions.

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