Moon Phase First Quarter + 4 days Lunar Calendar

FQ+4. Today is four days after the First Quarter moon in the lunar cycle today. Watch the moon in the evening!

FQ+4 Moon phase astrology. Lunar Calendar. Consider taking an extra step beyond your perceived capabilities.

FQ+4 Moon phase and Emotions

Use the power of forgiveness, if necessary, during the challenge.

Release doubts. Sing the praises of your personal plan.

Start to choose the kind of full moon experience you would prefer to have in the next few days.

FQ+4 Moon phase and Mind

Include flexibility in what you are trying to accomplish. Look forward to a personally fulfilling full moon and completion.

Be filled with the idea that you are accomplishing exactly what you set out to do. You are in the right place to do it. And you are the best person to do it.

Believe that everything is working in the best possible way.

Consider taking an extra step beyond your perceived capabilities. Allow your plan to unfold.

FQ+4 Moon phase and Work

Direct passions to achieve your goal for the cycle.

Seek the fun of pure creativity in action. Roll with it, play with it, and know that you are in the full-steam-ahead part of the cycle. This should be familiar to you!

If you haven’t the faintest idea what this means, then take some time to notice if there is a resistance in your nature that says the challenge appears to be too much to tackle. If that is the case, proceed with the existing plan and keep grumbling to the minimum. Know that you are in the right place to face the obstacle. The more you get to know what your personal brick wall is, the easier it will be each month to face your particular kind of trial.

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