Moon Phase First Quarter + 3 days Lunar Calendar

FQ+3. It is three days past First Quarter in the lunar cycle today. See the moon grow brighter in the evening sky.

FQ+3 Moon phase astrology. Moon Cycle Lunar Calendar. Another avenue of facing a doubt is to...

FQ+3 Moon phase and Emotions

As you forge ahead, some doubts may arise. This is normal in any type of commitment, like the one you have made with your current goal.

Address the obstacle before you and face it with grace and commitment.

Use what you know to be true inside of you to guide decisions and remember the intention and vision that has already been put into motion since the New Moon.

This inner strength that you have gained can help to smooth over any relationship issues that arise.

Another avenue of facing a doubt is to consult with someone who has your best interests at heart. Talk to this person for guidance.

FQ+3 Moon phase and Mind

There is power in the air for this part of the cycle and you are part of it. Glow little glowworm, glow.

This means go, go, go for it.

Enjoy your ability to see the whole where nothing seems to be apparent to normal viewing, like Michelangelo did when he painted the Sistine Chapel. There is an ease of knowing now what to do and how to put it all together.

FQ+3 Moon phase and Work

Keep the projects going that you already have in motion. Attend to the details of each.

Recognize that upsets can appear, be resolved (or not) and pass by. You may need to have an attitude adjustment. Focus tension into a part of your project.

Know that you are participating in the middle of a natural cycle.

Consider what style you generally use to solve problems and if you always do it in the same way. Think about choosing a different way this time.

Your plan is now a reality in the world, or you are working towards it.

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