Moon Phase First Quarter + 2 days Lunar Cycle Today

FQ+2. Today the lunar cycle is two days after the First Quarter waxing moon. Watch how the waxing moon is higher and later each night.

FQ+2 Moon phase astrology. Moon Cycle Lunar Calendar. Making your mark in the world does not exist in a vacuum.

FQ+2 Moon phase and Emotions

Pay attention to the pattern of behavior you want.

If you have conceived of it, then it is possible to do it.

FQ+2 Moon phase and Mind

“My challenge is before me and luck is on my side.”

The action phase is in full force now and you are actively pursuing what you want to do. Of course, there is a bit of a trick to it. Here’s the story: You have struggled within yourself, conceived of a vision and a plan, and are now doing the hard work of making your wishes come true.

This is all well and good; however, making your mark in the world does not exist in a vacuum. When you make a ripple, it affects other people. You know the story about the butterfly that flutters its wings in China and makes a tsunami on the other side of the world, don’t you?

“My challenge is before me and luck is on my side.”

This means that you should not trample all over other people while marching to your goal.

A particular relationship issue may come up, so pay attention. Here is one minor example. One of my dearest desires in this world is to have every working manager, director, executive and business owner answer the phones in his or her own business for three weeks, a full eight hours each day. Answering phones teaches you that when you call a company, a real person answers the phone. Now, this person may or may not know how important your goals are to you. Launching into a forceful, even angry, conversation to get what you want is not the best way to do succeed. It’s the ripple effect. You have to pull back a little and realize that there are other human beings around who may be working on a different goal.

“My challenge is before me and luck is on my side.”

FQ+2 Moon phase and Work

Keep the momentum going.

Use your lists and know that the current issue before you is part of the natural cycle of expressing who you are in the world.

Adjust work activity to include changes. Follow your gut and know that you are on the right track.

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