Moon Phase New Moon + 5 days Lunar Calendar


NM+5. It’s five days after the New Moon in the lunar calendar. See the lovely crescent moon in the evening sky.

NM+5 Moon phase astrology lunar cycle calendar. Bet you have forgotten all about the terror of Last Quarter week.

NM+5 Moon phase and Emotions

Bet you have forgotten all about the terror of Last Quarter week. Isn’t that incredible?

Realize that you have come a long way in a short week and, if you have done your homework, you are well on your way to proceeding with your endeavor.

Set aside any cultural bias that says you cannot do something. Know that the biggest obstacle to getting what you want is probably yourself.

Seek the highest expression of your culture. Accept that tension will build through the full moon.

NM+5 Moon phase and Mind

A particular idea may still be in the formative stages, a tender little bud of and idea or a project that you are nurturing.

Or, you are already making it known in the world.

Either way, an idea is either actively on the move or ready to start.

Watch who or what comes in to your life now. They may give you a clue as to what you should do next or may be an important addition to getting what you want.

NM+5 Moon phase and Work

Know that all the elements you need for your plan are before you in this part of the cycle. Be active in your plan.

Reach out to outside sources if you need more information.

Check your attitude and rely on your enthusiasm for the project to keep going through distractions, which are guaranteed to appear.

Be ready with your solutions for diversions. What information do you require? Have faith that it already exists somewhere in the world and you have only to retrieve it.

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