Moon Phase New Moon + 3 days Lunar Cycle Today


NM+3. The lunar cycle today is 3 days after the New Moon. Look for the lovely crescent moon in the western sky.

NM+3 Moon phase astrology. Doubts? Lunar cycle help is on the way.

NM+3 Moon phase and Emotions

Now, be aware that with the start of any new undertaking comes a certain amount of tension and doubt. The tension will build to the full moon.

Know that a mounting sense of frustration is directly in proportion to your ability to meet the new situation in your comfort zone.

Old freight on the deck of the ship must be shipped out. The freight is your thinking pattern and you are the ship. The new freight (thinking) can only come onto the part of the deck that has been cleared away by the soul-searching that happened during the waning moon.

Make a note for yourself for the waning moon and especially Last Quarter Week to realize how important the foundation work is in getting what you want at this time.

NM+3 Moon phase and Mind

Even if you don’t realize it, you are doing better than you could ever possibly know.

The real power and focus come from your inner strength and the preparations you have already completed.

You have scrubbed the slate clean and a new sense of optimism returns.

If you don’t have a concrete project to work on, look around and notice that you may have a new idea or outlook.

Enjoy the change of pace and pick yourself up again. A positive tone should be easy.

If you are on track with your highest ideals, the ideas of what to do next will naturally appear. When you do what you enjoy there is more energy available to do it.

NM+3 Moon phase and Work

If you have already chosen a project, then be confident that you have decided correctly and hold the vision.

If you have some nagging doubts, set them aside and go to work. This is the time you have been waiting for!

Everyone proceeds at a different pace. An idea for a project may be emerging and it is right on schedule. Allow time for it to percolate. Let what interests you to be your guide and a new formulation of a project or plan may be more solid by now.

Proceed with your own style.

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