Moon Phase New Moon + 2 days


NM+2. The lunar cycle today is two days after the New Moon. It is possible you might be able to see the thin crescent moon in the early evening sky.

NM+2 Moon phase astrology lunar calendar. Remember: worry is wishing for what you don’t want.

NM+2 Moon phase and Emotions

If you don’t feel quite up to charging ahead, start by giving yourself permission to enjoy a second chance.

Decide to participate in your own life, to “show up.”

Let go of personal worries and be in the present moment.

Remember: worry is wishing for what you don’t want.

NM+2 Moon phase and Mind

Now we are starting back into the time of the cycle that most resembles modern working life.

If you are an overachiever, the next two weeks will bring a return to your comfort zone. By all means, don’t hold yourself back if you are ready!

It is time to trust your thinking and plans.

With a new rush of energy, pursue making your personal mark in the world after the period of self-reflection.

The sense of doubt falls away and confidence returns.

NM+2 Moon phase and Work

Observe what holds your interest the most.

Understand that feeling vulnerable is a good thing at this time.

Make lists and trust what comes up.

If you have an ongoing project, use the sense of new enthusiasm to fuel it with gusto.

Proceed on the part of your plan that you know is correct for you.

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