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NM. It’s the New Moon of the lunar cycle today. What we are all waiting for! Wait a few days to see the crescent moon. Not today.

New Moon: Moon phase astrology. Tend to a yearning to bust out all over.

NM Moon phase and Emotions

Listen for an inner call to act on a new vision and play with the idea. You may be already acting on some new impulses. Tend to a yearning to bust out all over.

On the positive side, if the inner work was completed last week, you should be feeling strong in your sense of self.

If the inner work was unfinished, you may be feeling extra-vulnerable, or even fearful. Let it be and just notice it.

NM Moon phase and Mind

A sense of understanding your feelings and motivations has a glimmer of possibility. This is even more powerful than the “full moon” experience that everyone talks about.

Emerging victorious from your own style of sorting through a mental pickle brings back a personal sense of control over your own destiny. The process completes itself with a feeling like you just woke up from a long sleep and feel hungry.

Let the day bring what it will and let yourself be okay with it. This week is a period of readjustment to figure out who you are in relation to the world.

Choose the tone you want for the full moon in two weeks while feeling better. Specifically note if you feel differently than you did last week.

NM Moon phase and Work

Set aside routine tasks that can wait. Find a new surge of energy to work on a project that is already in motion.

If you do not have an active project already in motion, then allow free reign to where your attention goes; that is most likely the place where your current interest lies, which is a good indication of what your project should be for this cycle.

Choose the project that you are most excited about, even if it is a stalled portion of an unfinished enterprise, regardless of how old.

Notice that the act of choosing a particular task fuels the ideas for what to do and how to do it.

More Moon Phase Tips

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