Moon Phase Last Quarter + 4 Days

LQ+4. The lunar cycle today is balsamic, 4 days after the Last Quarter waning moon. Look for the crescent moon in the afternoon.

LQ+4 Last Quarter + 4 days Moon Phase. How it Feels. What to Do. What to Watch.

LQ+4 Moon phase and Emotions

The push to achieve may seem like an empty cup. The sense of emptiness stems from letting go of the parts of you that have outlived their usefulness.

This process can feel painful because we are taught to hold on at all costs. It is not fun to say goodbye, but it is not farewell to everything. Think of it more as a gentle release, weeding out the closet, getting rid of a few extra paint brushes that you no longer need.

Emphasize rest to restore balance.


LQ+4 Moon phase and Mind

If you are worn out from trying to keep up with yourself and your plan, let go of the urge to be perfect at every moment. The notion of what is “perfect” is an experience from the past; bide your time while new thinking is forming.

Cultivate the ability to view everything as simple. Wait on new projects.

Be kind to yourself and others. Find a balance between work and play, activity and rest.


Take some time to consider the freedoms that you enjoy and count your blessings.

LQ+4 Moon phase and Work

This can be a difficult time for work. Allow it to be and set aside whatever work that you can and focus on routine tasks that are easy to do.

Work on a mechanical part of a project instead of doing heavy thinking.

Tend to parts of your project that have already been set up and need to be filled out.

This time is better spent stopping the “pushing” machine. Take time off if you can. File, clean, sort.

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