Moon Phase Last Quarter + 3 days Lunar Cycle Today


LQ+3. Balsamic. The lunar cycle today is 3 days after the Last Quarter waning moon. Look for the moon overhead in the morning.

LQ+3 Moon phase and Emotions

The battle is won or lost and it doesn’t matter any more. At the end of a fight, what happens? You feel a sense of relief. The worst part is over. You have survived and lived to tell about it. That is today.

Another notion right now is a push-and-pull feeling. The reason for this is the “fruit and the seed” are mingling together as one. The old is on the way out and at the same time there are new things nudging in the background.

Recent experiences have fired and refined you as a sword in the hand of the blacksmith at the forge. You are purged and cleansed. Trust that the universe is ready to help you to achieve your goal. Rise above moodiness and take care of routine tasks. Dream a little.

LQ+3 Moon phase and Mind

There is room now for a new kind of faith; know that there is nothing that you cannot accomplish.

Remember, your future is so bright, you gotta wear shades!

LQ+3 Moon phase and Work

If you are able take some time off, do it now. Try to set aside your project, if possible.

Stop the eternal working machine and endless “problem-solving.

In a few short days, you will be ready to get back to it with new enthusiasm.

Do not be discouraged, but let it all be for a while. Just stop. It is the most constructive use of your time during this phase. Do routine tasks.

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