Moon Phase Last Quarter + 2 days Lunar Calendar


LQ+2. The lunar cycle today is two days after the Last Quarter waning moon. Look for the moon overhead in the morning.

LQ+2 Moon phase and Emotions

You have passed through the gate of initiation. You found out that the world was not going to do your bidding exactly as you planned, so now it is time to sort out how you feel about current circumstances.

Carve extra time in your schedule to let the process happen, even if you don’t know exactly what the issues are at the moment. Time will assist you. Include relaxing activities that are not too demanding. Muse on possibilities.

LQ+2 Moon phase and Mind

What you think about the world is ready for an overhaul – a complete new engine. Since you have hit the wall and survived to tell about it, there’s nothing else to do but allow yourself to live. A big weight has been lifted; enjoy the release of the burden. Look beyond your present situation to a grander vision of what could be and be open to possibilities.

Know that you do not have to continue to be a fine example of your past experiences.

Welcome the absurdity of all the pushing ahead and find some amusement in the notion that maybe you are the joke, after all. I’m serious. Let go.

LQ+2 Moon phase and Work

That jumble of confusion you thought was possible to direct or control? Imagine if you just let it all fall to the ground. You faced your limit and somehow survived. Since there is no more point in dealing with it, get on with a new sense of purpose.

Exercise an ability to see beyond your present circumstance. This requires a leap of faith into the unknown.

Be glad about your past efforts to materialize your goal. Seek the vision of your ideal. Make it real, like a movie in your head. Plot out the details that will make it happen and infuse it with emotion. Spend some time working the new ideas that pop up spontaneously.

Allow for some noodle time. Walk, play, dream –whatever you do to let go and not be bothered by the world’s busy-ness. This is the place where the correct ideas flow in with no effort. Use it wisely.

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