Moon Phase Last Quarter + 1 day Lunar Calendar


LQ+1. The lunar cycle today is 1 day after Last Quarter. Look for the waning moon overhead in the morning.

LQ+1 Moon phase and Emotions

If you have a sense of emptiness, that’s a good thing. Old things must pass away in order for new things to come for the new moon.

Forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past.

Lie in the park under a tree and dream. Relax in your favorite chair or take a long soak. Dream a dream like no other you have dreamed before. See the vision of who you want to be – here and now. Empower yourself with a sense of faith in what you are doing and see clearly who you want to be.

LQ+1 Moon phase and Mind

The theme continues; letting go is the best way to move ahead. All of that creativity you accomplished during the waxing moon is now on the table in the form of feedback. Did you get some vital information from a partner, co-worker, or friend? Your own thinking may bring up a point you may have overlooked before, and you can see that now.

Ease up a bit on the mental gymnastics and the frantic pace. The push-ahead-at-all-costs game needs to be modified this week. It’s okay. You will get back to it soon! Take a walk, have dinner with friends. If you’re not feeling very social, tend to routine home tasks. Turn to a favorite hobby, work in the garden, putter in the garage.

LQ+1 Moon phase and Work

I knew a lady whom I admired very much. She would breeze into a busy meeting and be very productive with her ideas. She talked like it was the only thing that was on her mind. It was magnificent to watch. Suddenly, at the end of the meeting, she would jump up to go to the next event, which was even larger and more important than the one she just attended.

Her secret was viewing the present task as but one in a row of other things to do. When the task before you is overwhelming, don’t let it seem too important. There is another task to follow soon. During this time of possible mental upheaval, turn to routine items that do not require much effort.

More Moon Phase Tips

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