Moon Phase Last Quarter Lunar Cycle Today


LQ. The lunar cycle today is the Last Quarter waning moon. See the moon high in the southern sky.

LQ Moon phase and Emotions

There’s been some soul searching going on for a few days. You may feel like you want to give it all up and it is hopeless. You are empty and have no control over anything that is going on.

Yes, the message is a clear one: it is time to give it up. I mean it! Give up what is useless, what is not working, what has outlived any kind of constructive return. Let it go. It is time.

Welcome this time as a necessary part to getting where you want to go. If you ignore it, it will come back in another form.

What you have been pushing under the rug for a couple of weeks is up on the top of the list now. What has been repressed is trying to bubble up to be dealt with now. Only you will know what that is and you are ready for it.

Peer fearlessly into your darkest secrets. It is only between you and yourself. Be honest, but kind as well.

LQ Moon phase and Mind

Each part of the cycle is important, and some parts are more important than others. This is one of those important times.

Working with the processing now benefits what goes on in the later part of the cycle. It feels difficult, but the cycle supports the doing of it now. It will not last too long!

Make a little room in the normal mind-chatter for a breeze of spontaneous and intuitive thinking.

Find an activity to let your mind clear. Join left and right brain functions together – know that it is possible to use the best of both sides.

LQ Moon phase and Work

Mental machinations have certain value. When used in combination with intuition, the value magnifies.

Release the mental process and allow for some downtime. Quiet the inner critic. Let mental uncertainty be a stepping-stone to move out old ways of thinking that are no longer useful.

“What’s the use?” could be an important part of your thinking now. Take simple actions rather than indulge in thoughts of uncertainty or worry. Clean out your desk and prepare to make a fresh start.

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