Moon Phase Full Moon +6 days


FM+6. The lunar cycle today is the Waning Gibbous Moon. The Full Moon is long gone now. Look for the moon setting in the west in the morning.

FM+6 Moon phase astrology. Frustrated? Lunar cycle help is on the way.

FM+6 Moon phase and Emotions

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
Old habits die hard.
Do what I say, not what I do.
Change is too painful.
Facing the issue at hand can be one of the most challenging things to do. You will know about it because it will feel like nothing is working. Nothing will work until you face it and fix the mental tug of war that is going on inside your head. Choose to let it go completely, realize you have a new perspective about it, or change your attitude. Muse on the best expression of recent results and let it be.

If the positive aspects of recent events are elusive, let other things go while you pay attention to this particular mental issue. No one else can know what you know about yourself. Look with fearless scrutiny and listen. Consider this: The pain will go away if you figure out the source of it. Is there a personal rule that you cling to for no good reason? Was there an experience in the past that influences how you respond to the issue at hand? Naming it is half the battle to finding the solution.

FM+6 Moon phase and Mind

You now experience the full results of your actions in the last couple of weeks. The best course is to discard what was not working and move on. Focus on the beneficial results, however large or small the appear to be now.

The way to get through this time gracefully is to listen when a conversation doesn’t feel right with those you speak to regularly and even strangers. Decide to make friends with whatever is going on today. The odds are very high that the source of the pain you are hearing from someone else is about something that you know nothing about, and is not about you personally. For technical issues, quit beating your head against a wall and ask for some help or let it go. If you don’t know what it is, then try one of the Focus exercises.

There is another way to face this day – be who you are, just as you are, right now. Today you are a different person from who you were this time in the previous cycle, even last week. Speaking of last week, think about if you got what you expected since the last New Moon, about three weeks ago. Was it the thing that you really wanted? Allow enjoyment to be part of how you work and take some time for relaxation. Forgiveness can smooth the way for miracles to happen.

FM+6 Moon phase and Work

Frustration is like a symptom. It signals that something else is going on. When it feels deep and hopeless, you know you are on the right track. This doesn’t mean to take it lightly!

It is a sign that you are about to discover a particular message about yourself. It may manifest as a document that you cannot format, or a decision you don’t want to make, or lack of money for some part of your idea. Behind the superficial issue is some kind of lesson. What could it be? Here is a clue: It has to do with something that you refuse to change. I sincerely hope that helps you to identify it.

Adjust any plans that are not working. Be positive in the face of frustration. Be open to the gut feelings that tell you what is true. This is a good time to examine the things that distract your from your primary mission. Gently steer your attention back to what is important to you.

You know that there are no shortcuts to getting what you want (don’t you?). Consider what result you want to see in the next cycle. Let musing be a guide and allow spontaneous information into your thinking. Gather in the scattered remnants of your current plan. If you are weary from the work, stop trying so darned hard.

Set aside the immense task of improving yourself and perfecting your project. Take a well-deserved break in the next few days. Remember, it is all part of the cycle and it is okay.

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