Moon Phase Full Moon + 5 days Wane


FM+5. Waning Gibbous. See the moon high in the morning sky.

FM+5 Moon Phase Astrology. Help is on the way with this lunar cycle tip.

FM+5 Moon phase and Emotions

In the rush of what I call the “go-go” and “do-do,” we think that we are living in the present. Look! I go to work, do the gym, talk to my friends, call my mother and build a fence in the back yard. I am living in the present, you say.

Consider today what the driving force is behind the activities. For instance, going to work may be motivated by paying the mortgage, certainly, but it may also be a fear of what may happen in the future. Going to the gym may be fueled by a constructive sense of good health, or because Uncle Frank had a heart attack 30 years ago.

Just for today, let the anxieties ease up a bit. Be here now with whatever you are doing. What is the best part that has come of recent accomplishments? Consider that generosity can come back to you tenfold. Access high values and virtues.

FM+5 Moon phase and Mind

Be open to receiving spontaneous ideas while you start to relax. Schedule review time for the next week.

Do not resist the need for dramatic changes – rather, see your life and work flow like a river.

The waning moon is still an active time, but notice that how you think about plans and objectives is evolving. You may think differently about the plan now which is a catalyst to making some slight changes. It’s okay.

FM+5 Moon phase and Work

If you are not knee-deep in a mental predicament of some sort, then you are probably doing your best to ignore it. This is okay; ignoring it just means that you will get a chance to have a similar outlook again in another cycle and have the choice to face it then.

Maybe letting go of it will provide a new perspective. Here is an example. I hit this time period and found out that what I was working on was too complicated. I would work on it and get a big headache and then stop. I wrestled with it for several days and wondered why it was such a stumbling block. I was attempting to go deeply into a subject that was not worth it for the intended purpose, and it wasn’t working because I was trying to be somebody else. My decision was to let it go.

I looked for some tips from the experts and found my answer. Then, I could focus on what made me happy, which made me more productive.

Catch up on practical affairs that may have been set aside while you forged ahead last week.

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