Moon Phase FM+2 days


FM+2 days. In the moon cycle, it’s two days after the Full Moon. The moon is moving farther out in the Earth’s magnetotail. Can you feel it? See the moon rise later in the evening sky.

FM+2 Moon Phase Astrology. Today's tips for Emotions, Mind & Work.

FM+2 Moon phase and Emotions

Full Moon power is still in force and at the same time everything seems “okay.” Bask in the glow of whatever you have accomplished. After all, this is the time you have been waiting for! Understand that what you feel about your plan will be the topic this week.

A feeling of being disconnected is a signpost to sort out what is important to you. Steel yourself for deeper soul-searching in the next week. Information is power, and this advanced knowledge can help you through it

FM+2 Moon phase and Mind

Review the progress of the last two weeks and start to wind down from a frantic pace. There are big issues to examine now. Recent perceptions may give you new confidence in yourself – enjoy it and use it.

If your thinking runs to confusion, turn to known disciplines to keep on track.

Realize that all you have learned makes you a unique person with wisdom and value. There are two places that you learn from in this world of duality. One is from all of the collected wisdom inside of you, or all you have learned and know instinctively. The second is from all of the sources outside of you. Use the best of both to find an answer today.

Affirm that you have the ability to create or find whatever you need.

FM+2 Moon phase and Work

Some people may have a “Full Moon hangover,” so use some sensitivity with others to get what you want today. Contact friends and partners who can help you.

If you feel let down from the excitement of the Full Moon, go back to the original outline of your plan. If you are confident, allow minor changes to your plan.

Pay attention when you hit a block. Work on it all this week. The tendency for most of us is to ignore it, but the cycle offers a time to pull it out and deal with it. It may feel painful for a time.

If it is about a technical issue, get some help. Fight pessimism by focusing on the present moment. The point is that something has to change and the best scenario is for you to be the one to do it. Actively participate in finding out what it is – it generally has one theme. You are right in the game if you root out the mental issue and face it.

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