Moon Phase FM+1 Full Moon plus 1 Day Moon Cycle


FM+1 day. In the moon cycle, it’s one day after the Full Moon. The moon is still traveling inside the Earth’s magnetotail. Can you feel it? See the moon rise later in the evening sky.

FM+1 Moon Phase astrology. Tips for Emotions, Mind and Work.

FM+1 Moon Phase and Emotions

Feel the intensity ease up a bit today. Switch to familiar things that make you happy. The waning moon gives you time to examine your feelings about current plans. This means you will most probably feel some kind of conflict inside about yourself and your project. Remember! It’s part of the cycle and it is OKAY.

When you become discouraged, know that it is part of the cycle. When your project becomes stalled, know that it is part of the cycle. When you no longer understand why you are doing it, know that it is part of the cycle. You are working on having a renewed faith in yourself each time the cycle goes around. Enjoy a success, no matter how small, which translates to a new sense of determination.

FM+1 Moon Phase and Mind

While you are catching your breath, find a moment to admire how far you have come in two short weeks and find a sense of closure to the cycle. Integrate any new perspective you have received since the Full Moon into your thinking. Now you have the answers you need. Consider how your project or relationships fits into the larger picture of society as a whole.

You are learning to change yourself using the structure of your work as you live through more cycles. Remember that life is a whole process and not necessarily always a race to a goal. Believe you are the person that you have always wanted to be. Know that you have a purpose and what you do has value. It may be hard to understand it today, but this day is the start of a new cycle – the waning moon. Now you are the sum of all of your experiences and intelligence standing as a completed unit in the world. Keep working and review the worth of current plans.

FM+1 Moon Phase and Work

Send out follow-up notes and attend to feedback. During the waning moon execute what you learned about your plans in the last two weeks.

Enjoy friendliness while exploring the effects of your work in the last couple of weeks. Accent the strength of good habits. Be willing to examine yourself and your project and prepare for change. We often learn more from a mistake than from easy success.

Know that working actively on your task has given you new strength in the cycle. Keep working during the waning moon. Be prepared to question what you are doing. Remember, it is part of the cycle and it is OKAY. The point is to keep working while the mental changes come through. When your mental outlook changes, then your work will change along with it.

Can you name a success, no matter how small, that you’ve achieved since two weeks ago?

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