Your Birthday Moon Phase


See how the Moon looked on your birthday at this link:

There are a couple of days every month when you wake up and know that it is a good hair day. You feel right. The world seems a little less puzzling. You feel more energized.

Moon Phase Astrology. Know your birthday moon phase!

These are the two days:

BIRTH MOON PHASE. The first day is the day of the moon cycle on the date of your birth. Was it First Quarter? Or maybe a Crescent Moon? Full Moon? It is most likely somewhere in between. Like two days after First Quarter.

PERSONAL MOON SIGN. The second day (actual about two days) is when the Moon is in the same sign as it was on the day you were born. Your Moon Sign: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, etc.

It is easy to take these days for granted. Of course, you should wake up feeling good on any particular day and enjoy it. It quickly occurred to me that the enjoying part was working very well but it got in the way of taking advantage of it to do an important task.

When you know about these two personal moon days ahead of time, you can schedule a priority appointment or project to work productively for you – and have some enjoyment at the same time. There’s no better feeling than getting what you want in an atmosphere of agreement and harmony.

We get these special days every month and they fly by barely noticed with the assumption that some days are good and others are just, well, get-through-it-the-best-way-you-can days. At least twice every month, these personal moon days are special to you. You can plan ahead for them and know it is a day when you can feel your best and perhaps get the results that you want.

Do you follow your personal moon days?