Moon phase solutions: shopping days in December


NM+6. What To Watch: “Be alert for key additions to manifest the plan. Exercise discipline and keep going with purpose.” (Excerpt from Riding Moon Cycles Moon Days book and journal.)
I am musing about the moon day in combination with the Void-of-Course moon. It is V/C all day from 3a to 8:31p.

The moon is V/C when it is traveling between the astrological signs. today that means it is not yet finished with the previous sign Aquarius, nor settled in to the next one Pisces.

There’s much to say about the V/C moon, but this is shopping month, so we’ll talk about that.

The one thing I would not do during a V/C moon is to purchase an expensive holiday gift.

Here are the V/C days this month to avoid shopping.

Dec 5 Mon all day
Dec 7 Wed all day
Dec 15 Thu afternoon
Dec 22 Thu afternoon

Fortunately, there’s not too many this month!

Second thing to note is that Mercury Retrograde starts Dec 19. Shopping before this date would be most beneficial! Hope this helps your planning.