First Quarter Moon Phase


The magnetics are rising this First Quarter week with the moon’s illumination running from 50 to 100%.

moon-phase-fq-what-to-watch-forThe first thing I note about the moon every day is if it is waxing or waning.

Wax is the right-hand moon rounded like your right hand with thumb and index finger extended into a crescent shape. Magnetics are rising.

Wane is the left-hand moon rounded. Magnetics are falling.

This is an excellent astronomy article describing the phases by Matt Williams.

Matt describes very well how the angles between the Earth, Moon and Sun changes our view of the Moon in the sky.

The First Quarter moon looks like a half-moon. It’s waxing. The first word I think about with First Quarter is CHALLENGE.

The vision from the New Moon is now in action mode. And you know any time there is an action, yes, there are bound to be some reactions around. I always want to push full steam ahead at every moment. If you are like that, then this week should feel quite familiar!With actions and reactions going on, there is bound to be some discomfort with the changes. It’s a signal to pay attention and stick to the plan.

Most importantly, this week is the time to watch if you are choosing what you want to do, or is someone else choosing it for you?

My challenge this week is publishing the Riding Moon Cycle books. I’m such a shy person mostly, so my challenge is all about being seen in the world. I much prefer being part of the stage crew behind the curtain shuffling around the props and furniture rather than being a main actor on the stage.

So, which movie describes your challenge this week?Die Hard

Wizard of Oz
Finding Dory
Singing in the Rain
The Matrix
Groundhog Day
Mary Poppins
Alice in Wonderland?