Jan 27 – Feb 2 lunar hair chart with Virgo and Scorpio

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Slower growth after the full moon

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Tip – look for the “BEST” ratings on the lunar hair chart to take full advantage of the moon phases for hair care.

The principles of lunar hair care hold that slower growth occurs after a cut or trim during the two weeks after the Full Moon. Here are the BEST dates for the week ahead and what they mean.

CUT/TRIM JAN 27. The best use of Virgo is to cut or trim hair with slower growth in mind. Virgo’s Mutable quality and especially its barren class is emphasized when the moon is waning.

COLOR/CHEM JAN 29. In my research of more than 30 resources about lunar hair care, the most number of votes for Libra was for coloring hair only in combination with the waning moon. This is the day for this hair treatment goal to make excellent use of the astrological sign and the waning moon phase. Look for coloring to grow out more slowly following a treatment.

COLOR & CUT/TRIM JAN 31. Fixed and fertile make the Scorpio Water sign an excellent astrological sign for coloring hair. The Moon in Scorpio gets a special boost of being sextile to Venus for the BEST rating. The same sextile is a boost for Scorpio’s Water, Fixed and fertile qualities that make it a candidate for the goal of thicker hair for a haircut or trim.

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Times listed are in PST Pacific Standard Time. Please convert to your time zone.

Jan 27 PST

FINISH before 3p

Moon: Virgo, conjunct Jupiter, Wane

Cut hair–BEST

Cut hair, trim ends–slower growth–BEST+

Cut hair to keep the style the longest–BEST

AVOID after 3p; Moon: V/C


Jan 28 PST

AVOID all day/night

Moon: V/C, square Venus, Wane

No recommendations


Jan 29 PST

FINISH before 6p

Moon: Libra, Wane

Color & chemical–slower growth–BEST

AVOID after 6p; Moon: V/C
Jan 30

AVOID before 8p

Moon: V/C, square Mercury/Pluto

START after 8p

Moon: Scorpio, Wane

Color hair

Color & chemical–slower growth

Cut hair trim ends–thicker growth


Jan 31 PST

All day/night

Moon: Scorpio, sextile Venus,

Moon trine Neptune, Last Quarter

Color hair–BEST

Color & chemical–slower growth

Cut hair trim ends–thicker growth–BEST


Feb 1 PST

FINISH before 4p

Moon: Scorpio, Wane, Last Quarter week

Moon sextile Mercury/Jupiter

Color hair

Color & chemical–slower growth

Cut hair trim ends–thicker growth

AVOID after 4p; Moon: V/C


Feb 2 PST

AVOID before 8a; Moon: V/C

START after 8a

Moon: Sagittarius, Wane, Last Quarter week

Condition hair

Cut hair

Cut hair, trim ends–slower growth–BEST


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