The Pain When Nothing is Working

Moon Cycle: FM+6 | Full Moon + 6 days | Wane | October 3, 2015.

Facing the issue at hand can be one of the most challenging things to do. When I hit this point in the moon cycle it feels like nothing is working. The task is to face it and fix the mental tug of war that is going on inside my head.

Huge Tree Roots At Angkor Wat Temple RuinsNaming it is half the battle to finding the solution.

Choose to let it go completely. Realize you have a new perspective about it. Or, change your attitude. Let other things go while you pay attention to this particular mental issue. No one else can know what you know about yourself. Look with fearless scrutiny and listen.

Consider this: The pain will go away if you figure out the source of it. Is there a personal rule that you cling to for no good reason? Was there an experience in the past that influences how you respond to the issue at hand? Naming it is half the battle to finding the solution.

Image: Stokpic

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