LQ+2 Moon cycle: Look beyond the present situation to a grander vision

LQ+2 Moon cycle | Last Quarter plus 2 days | Waning Crescent 35% | August 8, 2015

It is the waning moon. A good week after the full moon. Look back to what you were doing on the full moon and the marvels that you accomplished then.

Now, during the Last Quarter week of the moon cycle, what you think about the world is ready for an overhaul – a complete new engine.

You have passed through the gate of initiation of the Last Quarter moon two days ago on Aug 6. Maybe you found out that the world was not going to do your bidding exactly as you planned. That’s okay. It’s the continuing progress of the moon cycle and you are exactly where you are supposed to be. This is the important stretch of moon phase time that makes the whole cycle work to your advantage.

Welcome the absurdity of all the pushing ahead and find some amusement in the notion that maybe you are the joke, after all. Let go.

Know that you do not have to continue to be a fine example of your past experiences.

Since you have hit the wall and survived to tell about it, there’s nothing else to do but allow yourself to live. A big weight has been lifted. Enjoy the release of the burden. Now during the waning moon it is time to sort out how you feel about current circumstances.

Look beyond the present situation to a grander vision of what you would like to happen.

Carve extra time in your schedule for the process of sorting out feelings and visioning, even if you don’t know exactly what the issues are at the moment. Time will assist you. Focus on relaxing activities that are not too demanding. Muse on possibilities.

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2 thoughts on “LQ+2 Moon cycle: Look beyond the present situation to a grander vision”

  1. Thanks for stopping by! We all have unique situations in our lives and no two are exactly the same. And yet I believe the cycle can support each one – like the Zen saying: one moon in every pool in every pool the one moon. I am searching for my amusement today (now where did I put that?).

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