How to choose a day for thicker hair with the moon phases.

Plenty of recommendations are available for the goal of thicker hair using a lunar hair care planning system. It’s easy. The challenging part is to match the right day with your salon and schedule. Astrologers and hair experts who champion the moon phases for hair treatments agree that the Full Moon is the best moon phase to cut hair to grow thicker.

The Moon Phase

The Full Moon is the most well-known moon phase. In the context of astrology, the Full Moon is all about completion, maturity and fulfillment. Whatever has been moving along for the last cycle reaches a peak of growth. In gardening, vegetables that grow annually above ground like beans and squash are planted to allow the seeds to absorb the most water. Leafy vegetables are harvested when the moon approaches full to capture the best flavor and nutrients.

The Moon Signs

Some folks take it even further by choosing particular astrological signs to lend a helping hand to the Full Moon phase. After researching more than thirty sources on the topic, it turns out that half of the zodiac contributes desirable qualities to growing hair thicker including Taurus and Cancer, Leo and Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. Their value favors the attributes of earth and water, fertile and semi-fertile, fixed and cardinal signs. Leo is the one exception to the absence of a dry/barren attribute, which is the most highly preferred astrological sign to cut hair to grow thicker at any time during the moon cycle.

Pick the Right Day

Several choices emerge to choose a day to cut hair to grow thicker. First is the day of the Full Moon. Even better is to add a recommended astrological sign that occurs on Full Moon day like Taurus. A third choice is the astrological sign that occurs within two days either side of a Full Moon. The final choice would be during any day that has the moon in one of the recommended signs.

Does cutting hair with the moon phase offer a guaranteed overnight success? Not at all. Working with natural cycles requires commitment: it may take a couple of months or a full year to see results. For some, an improvement may be noticeable within a few short weeks.

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